Sarah & Chris Romulo

Sarah & Chris Romulo

Co-founders of CROM Physical Culture

Boxing Enthusiast
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Men's Former Professional North American Muay Thai Champion

CROM Physical Culture

CROM Physical Culture is the most complete fitness, health & wellness center in New York featuring expert instruction in Muay Thai kickboxing, Boxing, BJJ, SHRED and CrossFit training. The facility is owned and operated by former Muay Thai champion and strength and conditioning Coach Chris Romulo alongside his wife, Sarah Romulo. CROM is a full service gym taking priority in all members no matter the level, in a friendly community and family driven environment.  CROM’s mission is to help members meet their goals in a fun and creative atmosphere that will help them get into superior shape, learning various fitness techniques, or taking one’s practice to its highest level. The facility boasts a well rounded fitness program consisting of SHREDbyCROM and CrossFit classes, alongside combat arts training programs kids, teens and adults!

We believe that fitness should be attained through learning skills, having fun, and community building work outs. CROM produces lean, healthy, fit, and strong bodies that are capable of doing just about anything thrown their way in the fitness and real world. We are committed to building and fostering relationships inside and outside of CROM Physical Culture. It is our mission to provide quality instruction on a professional level to all ages; kids, teens and adults. Our programs are designed for the beginner in martial arts, the competitor looking to enhance their skills, or the fitness enthusiast that wants to try something new or different. Don’t feel that you need to get “in shape” before you come to a class! All of our workouts will be tailored to meet your abilities, regardless of your athletic experience.

10 Reasons Why Our Facility Is World Class:

  • Passionate instruction by coaches that practice what they preach.

  •  Our head instructor and owner, Chris Romulo, is a former professional Muay Thai champion and a NY legend!

  • Our awesome members! You’ll make friends within seconds of walking in the door. We push together, we sweat – laugh – and strive together, and everyone is treated like close family.

  • We have amateur competitors with international fight experience, becoming WKA silver medalists for team USA in 2014.

  • We have started and maintained New York’s premiere youth Muay Thai program.

  • A sweet boxing ring, over 15 various bags, and top level Dollamur training mats.

  • Our CrossFit training area has ample floor space to serve classes up to 15-20 athletes with room for one on one personal training at the same time.

  • 20 foot ceilings provide a spacious feeling while providing room for critical CrossFit movements, like rope climbs.

  • On the go? We’ve got hot showers to get you ready for the day, back to work, or fresh and clean for a night out on the Rock!

  • Windowed kids playroom so that you sneak a peak on your little ones.

CROM stand for Chris Romulo. However, to all who know Sarah and Chris, CROM is becoming to mean a physical culture and family spirit. I have rarely seen a business that truly understands their contribution from both a business and community standpoint and puts their hearts into each aspect. Since joining CROM, I am not only tin the best shape of my life, but my children have joined the Muay Thai program and they couldn't be happier. They truly enjoy the training but it's the friendship and sense of community they talk about. When I look around at any time of day, I see young and old, the physically fit and those who have just started their journey. As they say, all it takes is heart...

Anthony MelchiorriPhysical Culturalist

At 47 years old and a lifelong athlete, I have tried just about every workout and physical activity that you can imagine. Along the way I Have learned a lot of valuable information, and picked up a few injuries as well. As a Professor of Anatomy and Physiology, I sometimes know too well both the capabilities and the limits of the human body. When I first heard about CrossFit, I let my misconceptions influence my judgement. I thought, "who needs to do 100 reps of anything? Sounds like a guaranteed injury." Then, I saw an offer for a free first class at CrossFit Rockaway Beach and figured I literally had nothing to lose. The res, as they say, is history — including the 18 pounds I have lost since joining! The coaches are knowledgeable and caring, and the fellow CrossFitters are an amazingly encouraging group. We are all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Contrary to what a lot of people think, WOD can be scaled so that EVERYONE is challenged, buff and mere mortal alike. I highly recommend this as an addition to your current routine, or as your first foray into fitness. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Mary Beth D. Physical Culturalist

About a year and half ago my husband and I signed our seven year old son up for Muay Thai at CROM. He had just gotten a cast off his leg from a previous injury and our intentions were to find a place for him to build back his strength and endurance. Little did we know he would fall in love with the gym within the first month. The atmosphere, classes, fellow members and most of all his instructors have made him feel like CROM is his second home. He has become more disciplined, respectful, and mentally and physically stronger. I absolutely feel we made the right choice by bringing him to CROM and look forward to watching our son advance in the art of Muay THai under the supervision of incredible instructors, at an amazing gym. All it takes is heart!

Kerri GrossetoPhysical Culturalist

Extremely knowledgeable in Muay Thai, Chris Romulo is a gifted and passionate trainer. He is also an amazing and inspiring fighter. Chris is patient and motivation and his classes are always full of positive energy. His teaching style is that which anyone can lear from. The gym offers a range of different classes, from beginner to advanced, so there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking to change up your exercise routine, tone up, lose weight, or perhaps would like to step into the ring one day, Chris and Sarah can gear you towards reaching your specific goal.

Heather M.Physical Culturalist

The training and atmosphere in the gym is just great because the teachers and students respect each other regardless if you've been training for a while or just starting. I have only been training since December but I have enjoyed every single training session I have had. Chris and Sarah are nice people and some of the best trainers me and my wife have had in the martial arts world.

JerwinPhysical Culturalist

When regular old weight lifting got boring, I decided to give CrossFit a shot and I chose the right place. You will always feel challenged with the Workout of the Day. You don't realize how out of shape you are until you do your first WOD. The coaches are extremely motivating and all of the staff treat you like a family! Big thanks for Chris Romulo and Sarah Romulo for the support in the Rockaway Beach community! "All it takes is heart"

Anthony C.Physical Culturalist

When CrossFit was first presented to me, I have to admit that I was a bit reluctant to try. Images of chiseled, highly competitive gym rats entered my mind and it completely turned me off. But after hearing about the friendly staff and CrossFit patrons at CROM, I have it a try. At first I was unsure if I could perform the workouts: I was so self-critical and doubtful of my abilities — especially after watching Vince effortlessly hurl himself over the pull-up bar like an acrobat! But the vibe of this place is so positive and the instructors and fellow CrissFitters are so encouraging that it is difficult not to believe in yourself and give it your best. Everyone at CROM has been so welcoming and gracious that I can't help but want to push myself for higher goals (mine is to finally do a pull-up). I am extremely thankful for the 5:30AM classes — thanks Vince and Chris for waking up early for us! I look forward to working with everyone in the future and for many fat cells to be burned. Thank you all!

Julies SPhysical Culturalist