GameChanger 8 Week at CROM Physical Culture

Change your eating habits and change them for good! We offer both a 21-Day and an 6-Week SHREDbyCROM™ Nutrition Program to suit your unique needs!


Nutritional understanding: The program is divided into daily cycles to introduce your body to a new way of eating. The program will outline macro-nutrient combinations, portion sizes and proper meal timing.

→ Logging of daily food intake onto private Facebook group:  This is extremely important to allow coaches to monitor your day to day intake and make tweaks to your meals should you be straying from the program, or misunderstanding some of the information.

→ Workouts: You will need to do a minimum of 6 CrossFit, SHRED and/or Martial Arts workouts a week (any combination of the three, 6 total, not 6 of each). You may choose to double up on workouts in a single day (take back to back classes, or a morning and evening class) to count toward your 6 workouts a week. Exceptions can be made for work/home/travel conflicts and/or an injury. Please talk to Chris with any questions or concerns regarding this matter.

→ Accountability: We understand that life happens and sometimes it can be easy to stray away from the plan. We expect SHRED down to be honest when they stray via their food logs and be honest if you hit a rough spot (ex: food timing issues, food boredom etc.), this way Chris & his team can make proper adjustments to help you along this journey.


The SHREDbyCROM™ Nutrition: 6 Week SHRED down program is a roadmap to retrain your body/metabolism to correctly process and utilize fat instead of carbohydrates as the ultimate way to get lean and healthy for life. This program is designed for individuals who are looking for a complete overhaul of their nutritional diet. Over the course of the 8 weeks you will reset your metabolism and slowly integrate more and more foods into your diet allowing you to create a life long change to your eating patterns. The average weight loss (combined with 5-6 work outs per week) is 15-18 lbs.

6-Week Program:

  • 6 weeks of unlimited physical training & meal plan.

  • Weekly Saturday morning group workouts followed by a Q&A with Chris.

  • Access to a private Facebook page with training tips, recipes, and accountability.

  • Group is limited to 20 participants.

GameChanger at CROM Physical Culture
GameChanger at CROM Physical Culture




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Do you need to be a fighter to be on this nutrition program?

While this works great for fighters looking to lean out in preparation for a bout, this program is designed for results that are attainable to people of all walks of life.

What is the average weight loss?

Average weight loss is 15-18 pounds combined with a vigorous exercise routine 5-6 times a week.

Why should I use this program?

As a former fighter I have tried it all when it comes to cutting weight. This program is not about dehydrating just to get into a weight class. This program is about changing the way you think about getting lean, building muscle and making a lifestyle change.

What if I have food allergies?

As with any nutritional program please consult your primary care physician before starting. The food lists provided in this program allows you to replace any items that may be medically mandated that you leave out.

What if I am a vegan or vegetarian?

If you do not include fish in your diet this program may be challenging to follow. Protein is an integral part of your diet. Approved foods list in each circuit may not follow your current diet structure.

What is the online support?

You will have private access to a Facebook group to answer and address any questions or concerns you may have as you work along side the rest of the SHREDbyCROM™ 8 Week GameChanger Community. This group will receive special recipes and workouts weekly to help you stay on track.

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