I developed this Kettlebell series as a dynamic training program after competing for over 20 years in the sport of Thai Boxing.

I’ve learned through trial and error what exercises get big results, not only to keep my body combat ready but equally as important, flexible and injury free. Everyone knows that fighters are some of the most well conditioned individuals on the planet. Strength & Conditioning is where the mind, body, AND spirit are pushed and tested. It may not be your goal to jump in the ring but that shouldn’t stop you from training to look and feel like an elite competitor.  And the Kettlebell my friend, will get you there!!  All It Takes Is Heart.

Chris Romulo AKA CROM

Chris Romulo AKA CROM

Co-founder of CROM Physical Culture

Muay Thai Professional North American Super Middleweight

Workout anywhere with Muay Thai Champion

Chris Romulo and his Kettlebell video series!

3-in-1 Program

Tutorial Component:

The complete breakdown of 16 kettlebell movements, step-by-step.

Beginner Follow Along Work Outs:

2 Start-to-finish workouts that puts together all 8 beginner movements covered in the instructional segment.

Advanced Follow Along Work Outs:

2 Start-to-finish workouts that puts together all 8 advanced movements covered in the instructional segment.

Program Includes:

  • VIDEO 1: 8 Kettlebell Movements for Beginners

  • VIDEO 2: 8 Kettlebell Movements for Athletes

  • VIDEO 3: Kettlebell Workout 1 for Beginners

  • VIDEO 4: Kettlebell Workout 2 for Beginners

  • VIDEO 5: Kettlebell Workout 1 for Athletes

  • VIDEO 6: Kettlebell Workout 2 for Athletes

Free Bonus:

  • VIDEO 7: Bodyweight Workout 1 for Beginners

  • VIDEO 8:  Bodyweight Workout 2 for Athletes

  • E-BOOK: SHREDbyCROM™ Nutritional Workbook

Use our Nutritional Workbook and Daily Food Diary to help support your training.  Eating more nutritious foods, in the right combinations and timing help lead to a healthier and leaner life. What you choose to eat and when you eat it are important to the success of your workout — and have a profound effect on how your body uses the calories.

Kettlebells by CROM™ Video Series

Total Package Only:


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Kettlebell exercise benefits Muay Thai athletes.

⟶ Kettlebell training can isolate or integrate every muscle in the body including heart and lungs. Just by holding on to a kettle bell, grip strength in your hands and forearms will improve right along side punching power and clinch grips.

⟶ Swinging, snatching, and cleaning the kettlebell will enhance hip and leg ballistics, thereby giving your kicks and knees explosive fast twitch muscles.

⟶ Turkish Get ups and windmills will build powerful stabilizer muscles in the torso which will turn your arms and legs in to pillars of strength.

⟶ The timed repetitions through dynamic and static movements will get your heart and lungs working to the brink of exhaustion while helping you focus on breathing, being smooth, technical, and composed.

Kettlebell training eliminates the need for a large training facility.

Take your training to go! All you need is one piece of equipment. Kettlebells allow you to train anywhere, the local park, beach, or your living room.  All you need is a manageable, yet challenging weight with enough room to swing, press, lunge, and squat.

Kettlebell training bridges the gap between strength training and cardio.

High repetition along side primal movements ensures strength, flexibility and stamina.  As with any physical activity, learning how to breath while moving weight explosively will challenge the heart and lungs.  Get both in with a couple of short but powerful workouts!

Kettlebell training allows you to reduce overall training time.

A quick yet effective workout is the order of the day and kettlebell training delivers. It is the epitome of efficiency between movement and space.   You don’t need to work with a kettlebell for an hour to feel the effects of the strength & conditioning that it can develop.

Body weight work outs benefit all fitness levels.

This is due to the fact that most exercises incorporate a multitude of muscles through multi joint movements.  The more muscles you work, the more calories you burn!  A major  benefit for athletes is being able to switch up between static and dynamic  exercises on the drop of a dime.  With this, strength and power is built with no equipment at all, just your body, the ultimate MACHINE!