Muay Thai Kickboxing Intro at CROM Physical Culture

Our Muay Thai Kickboxing BaseCamp program is designed for people who are committed to getting fit, healthy and learning new skills. You don’t have to be “in shape” or have a background in the Martial Arts to come in to punch and kick with us!


Let’s get started!

Looking to take a class with BEGINNERS ONLY? Come to our Muay Thai 101 class on a Saturday at 9:30am or Wednesday at 7:30pm. We will cover everything from how to wrap your hands, stance, footwork and the basic strikes that you will need for group classes.

Cost: $25 — includes gloves and wraps that are yours to keep and mandatory for all future classes.

*If you have your own wraps and gloves there is no charge for your first class!

Learn The Basics In Our All Levels Padwork, Drills And Bagwork Classes!

  • Boxing Bagwork Conditioning

    Improve your all around fitness levels, get lean, and develop strength and flexibility in our  Bagwork Conditioning class. Training sessions are run in a circuit through  various bags (speed, double end and heavy bags) to practice and sharpen your hand skills. Additional movements may include medicine balls, kettlebells, and dumbells. This is a NON-Contact class, no prior experience is necessary!

  • Muay Thai Padwork

    Students will learn how to punch, kick, knee and elbow and hold Thai Pads and KickShields- being a good pad holder is taught in this class and of major importance! Padwork will sharpen your speed, strength, power and endurance.  Not only will you build technical skill but your conditioning will be superior after your first month of classes! This is a Light Contact class, no prior experience is necessary!

  • Muay Thai Drills

    Learn how to kick, punch and use your knees and elbows, in various drilling scenarios with a partner. Defensive drills will be introduced once your offense is tight.  Muay Thai in general IS a contact sport, however drilling is done with respect and control so that both parties can learn. This class is crucial for anyone who wants to move on to tactical drills & sparring eventually. This is a Medium-Contact class, no prior experience is necessary!




Beginners: Muay Thai Intro




Intro Class


Receive Gloves & Wraps!

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