Why Losing Weight In a Group Is the Key To Success!

By October 11, 2016Uncategorized

While proper diet and exercise are achievable goals by oneself, support groups are a great tool to make use of! The American Psychological Association has a great article on a study which found that in a group environment participants lost, and kept off, more weight than those who underwent dietary advising on their own.


The difference in weight lost was substantial, “The study, which tracked 423 overweight and obese people, found that the commercial group’s mean weight loss was greater–9.5 pounds versus 3 pounds in self-help–during the first year.”


The support provided by other members of the group was the most heavily influential factor found in the study. Where people dieting alone would slip and lose motivation, group members found themselves driven by those around them and established new relationships which helped them to move forward towards their goals. This study only focused on the dietary aspect but with exercise involved the results have the potential to be even more dramatic.


It’s also important to note, among the dietary recommendations given protein is held in one of the most important places among the food groups. Protein is essential in maintaining muscle mass while losing body fat. While it is impossible to completely prevent some muscular atrophy while losing weight, the more muscle that is preserved the more efficient weight loss will be.


A study done at the University of Georgia found that, “when measuring only fat mass, the high protein group lost significantly more fat (14.3 ± 11.8%) than did the low protein group (9.3 ± 11.1%) when calories were kept equal.” (Evans EM, et al).


This study focused on the cutting of body fat percentage in both males and females and provided evidence that even though the same amount of weight was lost, a greater amount of fat was lost in those partaking in a higher protein diet. By combining these two important assets of weight loss together, a far more effective program can be made and results can be achieved.


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